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If your partner rejects your feelings then here are some sad valentines day quotes for u. Wait for the right partner, and then tell him/her your feelings.So, check some sad Happy valentines day quotes, sad valentines day SMS, sad valentines day messages 2018.

With a pinch of romance, a bit of planning, & a little creativity, U will be winning Ur lover’s heart in no time. You should find something beautiful that your loved one will not soon forget. But if you're failed then send sad valentines day 2018 SMS Messages on Social media.

My opinion for you, Don't be sad. Show her or him that you are happy, this will make him or her anxious to think upon. You haven't wrong by expressing your feelings, might be you were late or he/she is having bad taste. Be your own valentine this year, there is a lot to come in this life. We have compiled a post for all those who are sad on this Valentine's Day. Here you will get Sad Valentines Day Quotes Messages Cards which you can share with your dream lover, who has ignored you on this Day.

Sad Valentines Day Quotes, SMS, Greetings, Messages 2018

If all da world's a game,
whatever happened 2 da rules?

2 let all of dis happen,
I must've been a fool.

My sweedaart's down in Memphis,
my frnds all over in L.A.,

& here I m, stuck at home,
on dis, St. Valentine's Day.


So dis is da end.
I fell out of luv,

Out of ur embrace,
- In2 da arms of sorrow.

So dis is Valentine's Day,
Happy Valentine's my dear.

I'm sorry it had 2 b dis way,
Dat I'm da cause of ur tears.

I know ur sadness,
& I mst confess,

Dat I once felt luv & happiness,
Bt all I feel now is emptiness.


There was a time.
Wen I thought u were 4 me.

I saw no flaws in my choice;
I guess I didn't see.

U didn't treat me nicely.
Despite hw I treated u.

I cared 4 u, I luvd u.
& dat u even knew.

I kept telling myself.
Dat u could change ur ways.

Bt u proved me wrong.
Every single day.

Sad Valentines Day Messages 2018


U said u'd always b there,
U said u'd never leave.

But nw I sit here, alone & crying,
As I solomnly greive.

I shouldn't of had 2 say goodbye,
I wasn't ready in any way.

But dan again,
I never prepared 2 c dis day.

U couldn't c a way out 4rm da pain,
& decided 2 choose ur own fate.

U took my heart down wid u,
I lost more dan my boyfriend,I lost my soulmate.


O Sweet Valentine I wish I could see ur face.
Wenever I seek u I find only empty space.

Da other guys I've ben with, well day just won't do.
Day never had a job & day live with dair mamas 2.

O Sweet Valentine I wish I could hold ur hand.
U're fiery & gentle & da world's most handsome man.

U're da harmony 2 my melody, da hero of my tale.
'Cause u're just a dream of da impossible perfect male.

Today is Valentine's Day
A day to show a love one you care
But how can you hold them and kiss them
When no one is even there?
Today is a day of us together
and not a second to be left apart
But knowing today won't bring those things
It continues to break my heart.


O Sweet Valentine I wish I could see your face
Whenever I seek you I find only empty space
The other guys I've been with, well they just won't do
They never had a job and they live with their mamas too.


Although our luv is over, it remains
An unfrequented garden in my heart,

Its beauty quite inseparable 4rm pain,
A wilderness where once was willful art.

There r no wishes like a former luvr's
Dat 4rm da dark, repentant night mst shine.

& so though we have both moved on 2 others,
I send u 4rm afar dis Valentine.


Of all da things I've ever said,
Of all da tears I've ever shed,

Of all da things I did 2 u,
I want u 2 know dat I still luv u.

Of all da days we fought & cried,
Of all da days I wished I'd died,

Of all da things u did 2 pull me through,
I don't believe it, but I still luv u.


Hw did u get so far 4rm my heart
Widout my bcuming aware?

Wat did u c deep inside me
Dat I never knew was there?

We drive in da darkness down strange, empty roads
In2 sudden & unforeseen pain.

We think dat we choose, but after we lose,
We c dat we've done it again.


I didn't get a chance 2 say I luv u.
U were gone be we got dat far.
All I know is nw I really need u,
Yet wen I look 4 u, u aren't there.

U said once dat u never would 4get me,
Yet hw m I 2 know widout u here?
Such emptiness! Like wat I feel widin me:
Neither flesh nor tears, jst cold thin air.

Sometimes, alone, I feel ur arms around me,
& all my need 4 u spills out in pain.
Jagged memories of u surround me.
I cannot think I won't c u again.

If you think you are not having anyone to send these Sad Valentine's Day Quotes Messages then also you don't need to worry. We are always with you to talk on, to speak your heart out. You just need to message us or you can comment down below the post, we are just a message away from you. Remember When life gives you lemon, just make a lemonade out of it.

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