2018 Valentines Day Quotes for Friends, Lovers - Valentine Quotes Friendship

Valentine day is not only for lovers or who are in relation, also people having their best of friend they can also celebrate Valentines day. For them we have compiled this post based on Valentines Dy Quotes for friends. On this day send your feelings in a message to your friend that how much you need him or her in your life. Express your inner feelings with our quotes on this Valentine's Day 2018.

Following Valentine Day Quotes Friends you will find Valentines Day quotes for lovers in this post only. So go through the whole post down below and get your quotes according to your feelings and do share your lover response after you send him or her these quotes.

2018 Happy Valentines Day Quotes for Friends, Friendship, Lovers

There is something about you
The way you walk
The way you talk
The way you smile and
The way you looks at me
makes me crazy every time.

Love is like a chewing gum,
it tastes only in the starting.
But friendship is like delicious chocolate,
it tastes till it ends.

Life is like a chocolate box,
Some r nutty, some r crunchy,
Some r soft, but all r DELICIOUS.

Happy Valentine's Day 2018 Quotes for Friends

Is an intimate form of communication,
A sharing of deep,
Dark secrets….

Chocolate has so many things wrapped up in it: childhood memories, Deliciousness in the moment & that feeling of getting a reward for being good.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re gonna get.” ~Winston Groom

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into 4 pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of the pieces because rest are mine.

Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.

Have you read our above collection of Valentines Day Quotes for friends ? Here below you will get Valentine Day Quotes for Lovers. We have collected these quotes from sources over internet for all you. So enjoy sending these Valentines Quotes for lovers this Valentines Day 14th February.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes for Husband, Wife, Love Birds, Crush

Feelings are always the same
Saying it could be in different ways,
Some say it directly are called 'LOVERS'
Some write them on paper & are called 'POETS' =)

(*) Happy Valentines Day (*)

2 Weeks of Valentine

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Do you know that beside valentine day,
the whole week (infact 2 weeks) is dedicated for various purpose,

Love-filled Valentine Month..!!

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Its d Month of
Proposals n Dates,
Chocolates n Gifts,
Hugs n LuvSongs

It's feb..

Wishng u a Love filled
Valentine Month..!!

Valentines Day Quotes for Lovers, Couples, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

That's u my dear valentine

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48+2 Members can sit in a Bus.
5+1 can sit in a Car.
3+1 can sit in a auto
1+1 can sit in a Bike.
Only 1 can sit in my Heart,
That's 'U' My dear valentine

It's me who live for you my dear Valentine

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This is a moon which learns from you,
That is a sun which respects you,
There are stars which shine for you,
And here, It's me who live for you.

Pleasure to a single heart

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To Give Pleasure To
A Single Heart By A
Single Act Is Better
Than A Thousand
Heads Bowing In Prayer

Hope you enjoyed reading our post on Valentines Day quotes and also feel free to give your feedback in the comment box below. Be connected to us for more updates regarding to Valentine's Day.

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